ELectron Micrograph Analysis

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ELMA - ELectron Micrograph Analysis

ELMA is a small tool for denoising and analyzing STEM images. The main application are low-dose high-resolution STEM images of inorganic materials that are extremely corrupted by Poisson noise. Currently, ELMA is focused on periodic crystals, but we intend to extend it to more complex structures in the future.


Older versions of ELMA are available in the list of releases.

ELMA supports TIFF (integer & float) input/output compatible with DigitalMicrograph. The list of supported formats is:

Images must be in units of electron counts / pixel.

LICENSE: ELMA is distributed under the terms of the Common Development and Distribution License.
Particularly, you can download and use this software free of cost.

We appreciate any feedback on your experience with ELMA. In case you encounter any problems when using this software, please don't hesitate to contact us: mevenkamp@aices.rwth-aachen.de

If you publish results generated using ELMA, please refer to our related work:

[1] N. Mevenkamp, P. Binev, W. Dahmen, P.M. Voyles, A.B. Yankovich, and B. Berkels: Poisson noise removal from high-resolution STEM images based on periodic block matching. Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging 2015, 1:3. [ PDF | DOI | BIB ]

[2] N. Mevenkamp, A.B. Yankovich, P.M. Voyles, and B. Berkels: Non-local Means for Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Images and Poisson Noise based on Adaptive Periodic Similarity Search and Patch Regularization, in J. Bender, A. Kuijper, T. von Landesberger, H. Theisel, and P. Urban (Eds.), VMV 2014: Vision, Modeling & Visualization, pp. 63–70. Eurographics Association, Darmstadt, Germany, 2014. [ PDF | DOI | BIB ]